Ep. 98: Hips & Haws Wildcrafts - Ireland's Wild Mushrooms, Herbal Medicines & Explorations of Amanita muscaria (feat. Courtney Tyler)

Today on Mushroom Hour we have the privilege of speaking with Courtney Tyler. Courtney is the founder of Hips and Haws Wildcrafts, based in the Wicklow mountains of Ireland. Hips and Haws is a project all about wild food, fermentation, folk herbalism, fungi, foraging and wildcrafting- which is making food or medicine from plants and mushrooms sourced from the wild.  She is a keen forager and spends much time wandering the hedgerows and forests of Ireland, searching for wild edibles to preserve as food or medicine or to add to her collection of fermented food and drinks. She passes her knowledge on through her foraging walks and tours, workshops, crafting and recipes. Her passion, knowledge, and her clarity in explaining and sharing her excitement inspires us to re-kindle our connection to the wild around and within us.   


  • Modernity Fatigue, Seeking Connection & Escaping to Nature  
  • Finding Solace in Herbalism & Natural Medicine  
  • Developing a Connection to Ireland in the Wilds of Wicklow   
  • Foraging as a Physical & Spiritual Practice   
  • Forage Seasons in Ireland   
  • Resurgence of Wild Food Appreciation   
  • Forest Composition in Ireland   
  • Sitka Spruce Plantations & Groves of Porcini   
  • Amanita muscaria Culinary & Medicinal Uses   
  • Destigmatizing Amanita muscaria   
  • Woodland Wizard Fergus Drennan   
  • Creative Preparations of Medicinal Plants & Mushrooms   
  • Magic of Koji   
  • Future Vanlife Adventures   



  • This lady is dope. Really enjoyed the conversation.

    She’s part of the solution to our current social and mental problems concerning our broken and twisted connections with Mother Nature, Father Heaven and the Self.
    Nature being our biggest solution to many problems with all the answers it all ready provides plentyful just like our Elders used to know all along…

    All the best to her!
    : D

  • Wonderful episode! Super inspiring for a new mushroom 🍄 forager!
    Thank you for all that you are willing to share.


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