Ep. 96: Hyphae Labs - The First Annual Oakland Psychedelic Conference (feat. Reggie, Ian and Tomás from Hyphae Labs)

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Today on the Mushroom Hour Podcast we are beyond blessed to be joined by three members of Oakland’s own Hyphae Labs, Ian Bollinger, Tomás Garret and Reggie who has joined us on the podcast previously. 

Inspired by early-life transformative experiences with psilocybin-containing mushrooms, Reggie has had a lifelong passion for mycology and now consults with the largest mushroom cultivators in the world. He is a also member of the Advisory Board for Decriminalize Nature and an avid activist for police reform and an ally of The Movement for Black Lives

Ian Bollinger is a dedicated researcher, scientist and host of the Understanding Entheogens Podcast.  Advising for harm reduction through education by working with the entheogen decriminalization movement in the SF Bay Area; Ian dedicates his time to churches, non-profits, and public benefit corporations to bring scientific insights from the growing entheogen space to the public through his writings, podcast, and outreach

Tomás is the head of operations for Hyphae Labs. His background is in analytical chemistry that began with food and drug testing in Wisconsin. He moved to California in 2018 and began pesticide and solvent testing for the cannabis industry.  Over the past few years he has become intertwined like mycelium with the vibrant Oakland psychedelic community.

Formed by citizen scientists like these, Hyphae Labs works to connect cultivators and consumers to knowledge, data, and education that supports their community through harm reduction.  They are currently engaged with research around Tryptamine content in entheogenic organisms, providing lab and analytical support for the Psilocybin Cup. I am excited to learn more about their collective, their vision and the upcoming Oakland Psychedelic Conference.   


  • Hyphae Connection Between Ian, Tomás and Reggie 
  • Mission and Purpose of Hyphae Labs
  • Why is Testing Entheogenic Compounds Important?
  • Testing Compounds in Psilocybin-Containing Mushrooms 
  • Legality of Testing Entheogens in Oakland  
  • Connection Between Testing & Decriminalization  
  • Wading into the Chemistry of Tryptamines  
  • MAOIs in Mushrooms  
  • Effects of Compounds Other than Psilocybin  
  • The Hyphae Potency Spectrum  
  • Inspiration & Goals of the Oakland Psychedelic Conference  
  • Featured Speakers at the Conference  
  • Building Community & Embracing Diversity  
  • Future of Hyphae Labs as Psychedelics Go Mainstream  


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