Ep. 94: Medicinal Mushrooms - Boost Immunity, Improve Memory, Fight Cancer, Stop Infection & Expand Your Consciousness (feat. Dr. Christopher Hobbs)

Today on Mushroom   Hour we are joined by internationally renowned herbalist Dr. Christopher Hobbs. Dr. Hobbs is a fourth-generation herbalist, licensed acupuncturist, herbal clinician, research scientist, consultant to the dietary supplement industry, expert witness, botanist and mycologist with over 35 years of experience. He is also a prolific writer and has authored or co-authored over 20 books, including the new “Christopher Hobbs’s Medicinal Mushrooms, the Essential Guide.” Christopher has lectured on herbal medicine world-wide. He earned his Ph.D. at UC Berkeley with research and publication in evolutionary biology, biogeography, phylogenetics, plant chemistry, and ethnobotany. Time to dive deep into medicinal mushrooms!   


  • Embracing Generational Tradition of Herbalism in a World of Toxic Notions  
  • Discovering Mushrooms in the 1970s  
  • Herbalist World View  
  • Elevating Consciousness  
  • Allying with Plant & Mushroom Spirits  
  • Importance of Spiritual Wellbeing  
  • What is Medicine?  
  • Chemistry of Medicinal Mushrooms and the Immune System  
  • One of Medicinal Mushrooms Biggest Benefits - Fiber  
  • Effects of Beta Glucans & Ancient Receptors in the Body  
  • Secrets of Medicinal Mushroom Products  
  • Starch Testing our Mushroom Powders  
  • Healing Powers of Reishi  
  • Why Do We Put Up With It?  


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