Ep. 88: Amanita Dreamer - Piercing the Veil on Entheogenic Uses of Amanita muscaria (feat. Amanita Dreamer)

*WARNING - This episode in no way condemns or condones the use of any substance. For educational and research purposes only*

Today we are joined by entheogenic researcher Amanita Dreamer. In her former life, Amanita Dreamer was a scientist, an educator and a homesteading mother. Today she shares important information on that most famous of mushrooms, the Amanita muscaria. She looked for years for a natural alternative for help with chronic panic and anxiety and when she found this most iconic mushroom, she delved into the world of fungi and now lives to help others learn what she knows about Amanita muscaria – a mushroom that according to her, "Could save the humans on the planet".  She started a YouTube channel and founded a Forum solely dedicated to the Amanita muscaria for those who needed a safe space to get accurate information. After severe and harsh censorship on social media platforms, that are quick to declare any mushroom deadly, dangerous and illegal, she is moving all of her content to a website, AmanitaDreamer.Net. Drawing from what little research there is, Dreamer works to sift through, interpret, share, challenge and ask tough questions. She is controversial at times but scathingly honest about her path and her use of entheogenic medicines and hopes that others will open up to the simplicity, spirit and beauty that is the Amanita muscaria. She brings together the history of lore and indigenous use with modern data, research and science and hopes that this is the beginning of a future where we will know much more about this versatile, functional and magical entheogenic medicine and teacher.   


  • Discovering Amanita Muscaria at the Brink of Personal Destruction  
  • The Fight or Flight Response System  
  • The Transformative Healing Potential of Amanita muscaria  
  • The “Power Mushroom"  
  • Modern Masculinity & Amanita muscaria  
  • Amanita muscaria Online Community   
  • Amanita Dreamer's Dosing Protocols   
  • Microdosing Amanita muscaria   
  • Preparation of Amanita muscaria for Therapeutic Use   
  • Conversion of Ibotenic Acid into Muscimol   
  • Learning from Lore and Records of Ancient Usage   
  • Experimenting with Novel Preparations and Uses of Amanita muscaria   
  • Future of Research on Muscaroid Fungi   
  • Embracing Spirituality and Communing with Mushroom Entities   



  • I live in Lincoln City Oregon on the coast when do they pop up like there season for growth and maturity

    Larry E smith
  • Also lemon juice is citric acid. Nothing about it is “more stable”. It’s literally the very component that makes lemon juice acidic.

  • I was very surprised to hear about the negativity in the community that Amanita Dreamer has experienced. I’ve never come across anything like that on Reddit or any other Amanita related discussion spaces.


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