Ep. 79: Solutions in Soil Carbon, Fungal Inspiration & Creating New Value Systems (feat. Larry Evans)

Today on Mushroom Hour we are joined by mycophagy legend Larry Evans. Larry Evans is a mushroom hunter, teacher, cultivator, song writer, and cook. He has been instrumental in organizing forays, festivals, and workshops in Colorado, Montana, Washington, Oregon, British Columbia, Bolivia, and now Jamaica. He is a founder of the Western Montana Mycological Association, wrote a field guide to mushrooms of the Amazon, and appeared in Ron Mann’s come-documentary Know Your Mushrooms. His vast body of work includes detailed accounts of burn morel tracking throughout the Western US, explorations of jam-packed fungal jungles in Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador and evangelizing audiences about means of fungal digestion, how fungi remediate contaminated soils, and what the process of mushroom making is all about. Time to laugh and learn with a real-life fungal pioneer.   


  • “Know Your Mushrooms”   
  • Changes in Soil Carbon Throughout Earth’s History   
  • Fungal Peroxidase Enzymes & the Carbon Cycle   
  • When it Comes to Wood, Bury Not Burn!   
  • Fossil Water, BCR & Soil Carbon Implications on Wildfires   
  • Fire-following Fairy Cups   
  • Understanding Soil Carbon in Land Management   
  • Trophic Levels of Wood Resources   
  • Mycoremediation & Fungal Adsorption   
  • Protein Production in the Developing World   
  • Mycofiltration   
  • Demystifying Human Fictions of Money & Property   
  • Creating New Value Systems   
  • New Models of Human Organization Inspired by Self-Balancing Systems   


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