Ep. 67: Tiger Mushroom Farms - Working to End Hunger, Growing A New Future (feat. Te'Lario Watkins II)

Today on Mushroom Hour we are excited to have a conversation with Te’Lario Watkins II, founder of Tiger Mushroom Farms. Te’Lario started his mushroom farm at the age of 7 on the heels of a Cub Scout Project. Now at age 12, Te’Lario is a speaker, author, Hunger Hero and nonprofit Founder. He grows shiitake mushrooms in his basement and oyster mushrooms in a spare bedroom.  Te’Lario sells them at a farmers market and local restaurants. Te’Lario’s mission is to help end hunger and encourage kids to eat healthier. He has worked with No Kid Hungry to raise awareness and funds to end hunger. He volunteers with Food Rescue US and delivers unsold food from restaurants to food pantries. Te’Lario recently started his own nonprofit “The Garden Club Project” to help his mission to end hunger. This summer, Te’Lario’s nonprofit delivered over 2,000 pounds to a local food pantry in his community. Te’Lario was recently “gifted” a microgreen business and plans to donate some of the proceeds to his nonprofit to help his community even more.   

Topics Covered:  

  • Inspired by the Cub Scouts    
  • Discovering Mushrooms for Winter Growing  
  • "Back to the Roots" Grow Kits  
  • Birth of Tiger Mushroom Farms  
  • The Rise of Kid-preneurs  
  • Writing a Children's Book  
  • Making Healthy Delicious & Famous Shiitake Bacon  
  • Te’Lario’s Mission to End Hunger  
  • No Kid Hungry, Food Rescue & the Garden Club Project  
  • Future Plans for Te’Lario and Tiger Mushroom Farm  

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  • Really enjoying mushroom hour I live on the Washington coast and forage for chanterelles and lobster but I really want to expand my knowledge in the field! I appreciate your page!

    Ben edge

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