Ep. 51: Planet Fungi - Capturing Mushrooms with World-Famous Photographer Steve Axford

Today on Mushroom Hour we are blessed to have the chance to chat with international fungi photographer Stephen Axford. 

Watch the new "Planet Fungi - Northeast India" documentary made by Steve Axford and his partner Catherine Marciniak: https://www.planetfungi.movie/

Stephen is an ambassador for Sony Australia and has an international reputation as a specialist in nature photographer with a particular passion in macro fungi photography. He also has a unique expertise in time-lapse photography of fungi. The beauty and scientific accuracy of Stephen’s fungi photography have captivated national and international media, fungi experts and the general public, with a following that stretches from Patagonia to Vladivostok. His photographs have appeared in international books and magazines, including: Nat Geo Magazine in Spain/Portugal, Geo Magazine in Germany, Roots Magazine in Holland, Guardian Observer [UK], Daily Mail UK, Civilization Magazine of Beijing in China and Sciences et Avenir science magazine in France to name just a few. In recent years, Stephen has shared the science of fungi and his experiences photographing fungi to packed houses in presentations in Australia, China and Chile. A new direction in his work is his collaborations with international universities and fungi organizations to photograph and document fungi in forests around the world.

Topics Covered:

  • Origin Story of Steve Axford
  • Mushrooms of Australia
  • Secrets of Fungal Photography
  • The Breakout into Worldwide Recognition
  • Fungal Diversity in Yunan, China
  • Hidden Fungal Hotspots in Southeast Asia
  • "Planet Fungi" Documentary
  • Fungi as a Nutrition & Economic Resource
  • Exploring Assam & Meghalaya in Northeast India
  • Time-lapse Photography
  • Partnership with Catherine Marciniak
  • Australian Fires & Fire Obligate Fungi
  • Sharing the Mystery, Wonder and Appreciation of Fungi with Others
  • Future Documentary Plans

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