Ep. 50: Return to Nature - Herbalism, Rewilding & Overgrowing the System (feat. Dan De Lion)

Today on Mushroom Hour we are joined by Dan de Lion of Return to Nature. The mission of Return to Nature is to provide a safe and healing teaching bridge for individuals and communities to recognize Nature as a continual and abundant provider of nourishment, medicine, food, and sacred connection, and to help reconnect the perception that Nature is the very source of our sustenance as humans. By teaching about the edible and medicinal aspects of wild plants, medicinal herbs, and mushrooms, Dan aims to help move humanity towards a Nature appreciation based paradigm which inspires people to forage, wildcraft, create tools for survival and primitive art, treat their own ailments with what nature provides, and get a little probiotic dirt under their fingernails. Engaging with Nature and tapping into ancient and sacred ways to directly carve our intuitive practice and reawaken a self-reliant depth within that seems so lost in today’s society. Once we recognize and reclaim our oneness with Nature and look around with new eyes we realize an ever present bounty Mother Nature provides and we just may see that we have never left Eden. 

Topics Covered:  

  • The Origin Story of Dan De Lion  
  • Herbalism - Medicines & Food All Around Us  
  • Reductionism vs Systems Thinking  
  • Interconnectedness & Correspondence - As Above, So Below
  • Rewilding - Genetic Memory, Instinct and Pattern Recognition
  • Social Alchemy  
  • Rise of the Machines & Transhumanism  
  • Biomimicry  
  • Psychedelics at Society’s Crossroads  
  • Localize and Overgrow the System  
  • Benevolent Activism  
  • Internet Freedom  
  • The Global Elite  
  • The Power of Ritual  
  • Autumn Olives, Garlic Mustard, Plantago  
  • Return to Nature Classes and Future Plans  

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