Ep. 40: Entheogenic Evolution - Psychedelic Consciousness and Non-Duality (feat. Martin W. Ball PhD)

Today on Mushroom Hour, we have the honor of speaking with Martin Ball. Martin is a PhD, writer, independent publisher, energy worker, visionary artist, and musician. Martin earned his M.A. and Ph.D. from UC Santa Barbara in Religious Studies with an emphasis on Native American traditions, Philosophy of Science and Religion, and the Phenomenology of Mystical and Shamanic Experience, as well as the role of entheogens in religious and spiritual experience.   

Our saga into psychedelic spheres of awareness takes us beyond the bounds of ordinary five-senses consciousness, into a world that our guest Martin Ball has explored extensively. His journey into entheogenic realms of psychedelic experience began with psilocybin containing mushrooms. His own explorations continued into other tryptamine-based psychedelics (like DMT) and led him to unique understandings of the energetic and non-dual nature of our reality. For Martin, the method for coming to understand the true nature of reality is through direct experience and self-exploration and entheogens provide unparalleled tools for self-exploration.   

As we peer through the lens of Martin's psychedelic-informed worldview, we see the wisdom of the phrase "All is one". Everything in reality is made from the same energy that is pulled from a firmament of raw consciousness, that Martin is comfortable calling "God". This unitary consciousness forms all elements of physical reality through an on-going process of energetic transformations and interactions that function according to basic mathematical and geometric laws. Some of the highest order expressions of this energetic creation are us - human beings. Where do concepts like ego and soul fit into this unique perspective? How are tryptamine-based compounds useful tools for human suits and how do we best use them?

It was with the release of Mushroom Wisdom in 2006 that Martin started his career as a public advocate for entheogenic reform and education. We talk about the current changes our society is undergoing as so many people become disaffected by the meta egos that have historically organized human societies like religions and governments. We are in the midst of big changes when it comes to our relationship with psychedelic substances as more safe and productive methods for use are shared with the masses. How do psychedelics inform new worldviews and new models of human organization?

Directed, Recorded, Produced by: Mushroom Hour

Music by: Ancient Baby (https://peckthetowncrier.bandcamp.com/)   
Art by: Wyn Di Stefano (http://www.wyndistefano.com/)   

Episode Resources:
Martin Ball (website): http://www.martinball.net/   
Martin Ball (Patreon): https://www.patreon.com/martinwball   
Being Human (Book): https://www.amazon.com/Being-Human-Entheological-Evolution-Energetic/dp/1478275375   
Entheogenic Evolution (Podcast): https://entheogenic.podomatic.com/

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