Ep. 4: Johns Hopkins Psychedelic Research - The Promise of Psilocybin Therapy (feat. Ian Geithner)

Today on Mushroom Hour we have the privilege of interviewing Ian Geithner - a graduate student at the University of Maryland working in the Johns Hopkins Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research, under the mentoring hand of Dr. Roland Griffiths.

During our conversation we walk through the hallowed halls of Johns Hopkins into the cutting-edge world of therapeutic psilocybin clinical trials. We'll meet the researchers who have picked up the torch of psychedelic research and are exploring the frontiers of treating mental and emotional disorders like anorexia, depression and Alzheimers.

As a method of treatment, psilocybin shows unique promise to clinical research subjects. What are the physiological effects it has on our brains and how does it work to change the way our consciousness operates? What is the future of this research and are we at the beginning of a renaissance in psychedelic medicine? If these topics spark your interest and you feel a pull to get involved, we talk about opportunities both as a research subject and/or a clinical researcher in this promising field of holistic medicine.

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Directed, Recorded, Produced by: Mushroom Hour 
Music by: Ancient Baby 

Episode Resources
Johns Hopkins Psychedelic Research 
Sacred Knowledge: Psychedelics and Religious Experiences by Bill Richards
Roland R. Griffiths


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