Ep. 165: Hongos in Patagonia - Pedomorphosis & Rethinking Evolution (feat. Dr. Francisco Kuhar)

Today on Mushroom Hour we have the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Francisco Kuhar. Dr. Kuhar is a Mycologist specialized in the fungal diversity of gasteroid and ectomycorrhizal fungi and biotechnological applications of fungal enzymes. He has a special interest in the evolutionary biology of sequestrate forms of fungi. Dr. Kuhar is an Associate researcher at CONICET in the Instituto Multidisciplinario de Biologia Vegetal (IMBIV - UNC), curator of Fungi at the CORD Herbarium and one of the leaders of Inommy Labs helping to pioneer a new fungi-based product platform.   


  • Freud, Linguistics and Life Sciences   
  • Hongos in Patagonia   
  • See the Future in a Spore   
  • Hypogeous & Sequestrate Fungi   
  • Pedomorphosis    
  • Mutations Happening too Fast in the Evolutionary Record   
  • Are We Too Obsessed with Adaptation in Evolutionary Biology?   
  • The Story of Rhizopogon and Suillis     
  • Alan Turing Equations Predicting Biological Forms   
  • Approaching Scientific Questions with an Open Mind   
  • Burning Questions on Underground Fungi   
  • Matching Genetics to Traits in Fungi   
  • Inommy Labs   
  • Fungal Bioprospecting    


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