Ep. 164: Which Fungi - The Edibles, The Deadlies, The Wild Ones (feat. Elise Rothman)

Hi there…welcome to Mushroom Hour. Today on Mushroom Hour we are graced by the presence of author, researcher, and mycological maven Elise Rothman. Coming to us from her hideaway in the woods and wilds of France, Elise is here to share her newest creation – a set of mushroom identification card decks that have been lovingly crafted with beautiful artwork and thoughtful graphic design elements that will help mycologists and ordinary folk alike to identify common edibles, deadly toxic and psychoactive mushrooms in North America and Europe. And I’m excited to learn everything about this project including a brand-new form of mushroom identification methodology.   


  • Entering St. George’s Fairy Ring   
  • Mushroom Identification Cards   
  • Deck 1 – The Edibles   
  • Collaborating with Scientific Advisors    
  • Deck 2 – The Deadlies   
  • Artistic License and Composite Mushroom Artwork   
  • Features of a Mushroom   
  • The Twins – Separating Edible from Deadly   
  • What is a “Lookalike”?   
  • A New Methodology for Mushroom Identification   
  • Deck 3 – The Wild Ones   
  • Rethinking Identification with Psychoactives   
  • Mushrooms in France   
  • Breaking the Publishing Mold   


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  • Elise mentioned a way to purchase her cards in the US but I couldn’t locate the website. Can you post a link?


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