Ep. 160: Osmose Studio - Biomaterials Reimagined, Mycelium Futures & Regenerative Design (feat. Ashley Granter & Aurelie Fontan)

Today on Mushroom Hour we are blessed once more by the presence of Mycomaterial Specialist Ashley Granter. Along with Biofashion Designer Aurelie Fontan, Ashley is a founder of Osmose Studios - a multidisciplinary design studio dedicated to exploring how society should draw inspiration and processes from Mother nature. Working with mycelium as well as natural dyes and fabrics, they aim to bring forward beautiful design that doesn’t cost the planet and actually fosters the regeneration of lost ecosystems.   


  • Birth of Osmose Studios    
  • Working with Classic Biomaterials in New Ways    
  • Fashion, Materials, Regenerative Design    
  • Future of Biomaterials Rooted in Technologies of the Past?   
  • Product Design Grounded in Consumer Experience    
  • Dresses Made with Kombucha & Mycelium Leather   
  • Interior Design made with Mycelium    
  • Diverse Landscape of the Biomaterials Industry    
  • Scaling Sustainably and Decentralized – like a Fungus   
  • Integrating Waste Streams into New Materials    
  • Genetic Modification vs Directed Evolution    
  • Business’ Role in Preserving Ecosystems and Biodiversity   
  • Biomaterials as a Craft vs Mass Production   
  • Working with Your Life Partner as a Business Partner    


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