Ep. 15: The Art of the Mushroom - Spirituality, Myth and Psychedelia (feat. Michael Campbell)

Today on Mushroom Hour we chat with my good friend, talented artist and fellow mycophile Michael Campbell. Michael is a sculptural artist based in the San Francisco bay area whose work explores our connection to the mysterious fungi kingdom. Be sure to visit the links below for information on his upcoming shows!

Join us as we enter the mind and studio of Michael Campell. Michael's fungi sculptures are colorful and mysterious, centering around mushrooms like amanita muscaria and psilocybe cubensis. We explore the inspiration for his evocative work and how he makes these incredibly realistic sculptures. Like branches of an oak tree, his body of work winds in different directions and the symbolism and inspiration for each is unique. From dome-worlds and teacup universes to mushroom-adorned Judeo-Christian statues, his genuine reverence for mushrooms shines through. 

The deep dive is inevitable as we discuss the artist's relationship with psychedelic mushrooms. How has the psilocybin experience inspired his current body of artwork, and more broadly his relationship with nature? The connections mushrooms have with spirituality, religious myths and death are evident through history, usually with evidence passed down through artwork. Michael's own work is certainly a channel that makes manifest the very same symbolism and themes that mushrooms seem to evoke.

Thanks for listening and Mush Love!   

Directed, Recorded, Produced by: Mushroom Hour 

Music by: Ancient Baby   
Art by: Wyn Di Stefano   

Episode Resources
Michael Campbell IG: https://www.instagram.com/michaelcampbellart/
Corey Helford Gallery - Fantastical Beasts Show: https://www.coreyhelfordgallery.com/shows/fantastical-beasts/info-press/
Michael Campbell at Modern Eden: https://www.moderneden.com/collections/all/michael-campbell
(BOOK) John Allegro - The Sacred Mushroom and The Cross: https://www.amazon.com/Sacred-Mushroom-Cross-Christianity-fertility/dp/0982556276
(REF) Plaincourault Chapel - Amanita Fresco: http://www.herbmuseum.ca/content/fresco-plaincourault-possibly-depicting-fly-agaric

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