Ep. 149: Umbo - Elite Athletes, Functional Mushrooms & Psychedelic Science (feat. Jake Plummer, Rashad Evans & Del Jolly)

Today on Mushroom Hour we are joined by the fungal trifecta behind Umbo Medicinal Mushrooms – Rashad Evans, Jake Plummer and Del Jolly. 

Rashad Evans is a former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion who intimately understands the connection between mind and body, and the importance of having both in sync. He credits mushrooms for that one-two punch of focus + energy in training and competition, and then easing the transition from fighter to daily life. Rashad is passionate about transforming sports nutrition and transforming access to education so that others can have the same opportunities that he did.   

Jake Plummer is a Pro-Bowl NFL Quarterback who spent 10 years in the league earning a reputation as a natural leader. He inspired his teammates to believe in themselves and in each other – personal excellence for the sake of the team. This ethos is what drew him to natural medicine, eager to learn what mushrooms can do for each of us individually and how we can pool that collective power to help make a better world for all.   

Focused on shifting the cultural narrative, Del Jolly worked as part of Decriminalize Denver and Charlotte’s Web CBD before co-founding Unlimited Sciences, a psychedelic research nonprofit partnered with the likes of Johns Hopkins University. He believes functional mushrooms have just as much, if not more, potential than psychedelics and is committed to exploring and unearthing everything he can.   


  • UFC, NFL and Medicinal Activism - All Roads Lead to Mushrooms   
  • Introduction to Queendom Fungi     
  • Athletes and Functional Mushrooms   
  • Preaching the Mushroom Gospel to NFL and UFC athletes   
  • Functional Mushrooms More Impactful than Psychedelics?!   
  • Role of Psychedelic Mushrooms in Team Sports   
  • Sparring & Microdosing   
  • Fungally-Expanded Perspectives on Achievement and Dominance   
  • We are all Actors   
  • Mushrooms & Masculinity   
  • Rites of Passage   
  • Formation of UMBO & Entering a Limitless Future   
  • The Power of Intention   
  • Making Medicine Accessible to All   


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