Ep. 124: Ali the Fungi Guy - Mushrooms, Joy & Wellbeing (feat. Ali McKernan)

Today we are blessed by the presence of Ali McKernan, a self-professed Mycophile who is also known as 'The Fungi Guy' on Instagram and Youtube. Ali is a mushroom educator who uses humor and enthusiasm to get the message of the mushrooms to the masses. He was a member of the Education and Outreach Committee for the British Mycological Society and has helped to organize and promote UK Fungus Day among other outreach programs. Alongside his work with organizations like BMS, Ali makes “daft” Youtube and Instagram videos showcasing his fungal finds and organizes Fungi ID walks in his local area. I’m excited to learn how Ali became the Fungi guy and what it means to him to share his love of mushrooms.   

  • Foraging Tutelage from Jesper Launder   
  • Role as an Educator Supporting Emotional Needs of Children   
  • UK Fungus Day   
  • British Mycological Society   
  • Navigating Social Media   
  • Choosing Joy   
  • Fungi & Wellbeing   
  • Fungi a Lifelong Passion   
  • Five Threads of Wellbeing   
  • Accessibility of Fungi   
  • Mushrooms in Urban Edgelands & Green Spaces   
  • Advice to Share a Love of Fungi with Kids   
  • Annual Stinkhorn Race   
  • UK Myco Heroes   


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