Ep. 122: Church of the People for Creator Mother Earth - Authentic, Indigenous, Psychedelic Ceremony (feat. Shane Norte)

Today on Mushroom Hour we are blessed to be joined by Shane Norte.  Shane is enrolled in the Morongo Band of Indians - a Billion Dollar Tribe in Southern California. He is the founder and spiritual leader of the Church Of The People For Creator and Mother Earth and a Board Member of Decrimalize Nature National. Shane has also worked extensively helping tribes fight against corporations destroying Native Lands. Currently, Shane's church has one grounds on his lands on the la Jolla Indian Reservation. The church's mission is to help those seeking to better their spiritual knowledge and overall knowledge about being a better Indigenous person and human being here on Earth. I am excited to learn more about his psychedelic ceremonies from an authentic indigenous perspective, and how he performs these ceremonies in natural settings.   


  • Navigating Modernity as an Indigenous Person   
  • Indigenous vs. Christian Funeral Rites   
  • Finding Creator Mother Earth, Entering The Wamkish   
  • Founding "Church of People for Creator Mother Earth"   
  • Examples of How Church and State Repressed the Indigenous   
  • Reclaiming Pride in Indigenous Culture and Spirituality   
  • European Influence Destroying Natural Systems   
  • Peoples’ Ancestral Connection to Land – Whose DNA is Encoded with how to Live Here ?   
  • Refocusing Native Movements Away from the Western European Economic Apparatus   
  • Psilocybin Macrodose Therapy   
  • Psychedelic Therapy in Synthetic vs Natural Environments   
  • Authentic Voices for Sacredness in Psychedelic Ceremony     
  • What are Shane’s Ceremonies Like?   
  • Breaking Free from Militarism & Political Propaganda   


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