Ep. 116: Just Mushrooms Cookbook - Celebrating the Future of Food (feat. Michelle Russell & Camille DeGabrielle)

Today on Mushroom Hour we are joined by the dynamic duo Michelle Russell and Camille Myhre Degabrielle author of the new cookbook “Just Mushrooms”. Ten years ago, Michelle changed everything about her life, she lost 80lbs by adopting a plant-based diet, ridded herself of the need for 12 prescription medications, cured her depression, and accepted a new job in Tokyo. From Tokyo, she moved to Bavaria and spent years traveling the European capitals and backroads. During this period of exploration, Michelle went to culinary school to learn more about the many ways that plants can heal us and became convinced that part of her next evolution would be to help make it easier to be healthy. Camille majored in Industrial Design at Savannah College of Art and Design. During this time, she had the opportunity to study abroad in Hong Kong. Having first-hand experience with manufacturing practices and seeing the impact of what product design could do to our environment, she refocused her efforts to more sustainable design. Through studying Sustainability & Biomimicry, she allowed those principles to reshape her thinking and eventually adopted a plant-based diet for ecological and ethical reasons. Their cookbook will make you a firm believer, like I am, that fungi are the future of food and they can help us heal our bodies, our minds, and the planet itself.   


  • Michelle and Camille Connecting Through Mushrooms  
  • In Search of a Mushroom Cookbook  
  • Influenced by Mycophilic Cultures   
  • Growing Mushrooms at Home   
  • Mushroom Cultivation as the Future of Sustainable Agriculture   
  • Techniques in Mushroom Cooking & Preparation   
  • Health Benefits of Consuming Mushrooms   
  • Possible to Eat Too Many Mushrooms?   
  • Themes Throughout “Just Mushrooms” Cookbook   
  • How the Cookbook is Structured   
  • Some Favorite Mushroom Recipes from the Cookbook   
  • Evolution Through Writing the Cookbook   
  • Integration with the Mycophile Community   
  • Future Plans Beyond the Cookbook   


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