Ep. 109: Integrated Land Enhancement & Applied Mycology (feat. Leif Olson)

Today on Mushroom Hour we have the incredible opportunity to speak with Integrated Land Enhancement found Leif Olson. A native of the western North Carolina mountains, Leif grew up with a deep sense of connection and appreciation for nature.  Early on this relationship was primarily through a creative and imaginative lens, but after over a decade of researching and working in ecology, chemistry, mycology, landscaping and sustainable agriculture he now works to study and improve the natural world with an interdisciplinary approach. After receiving a Bachelor's of Science in Ecology from University of California at Santa Cruz and a Master of Environmental Management in Ecotoxicology at Duke University, Leif spent the following years becoming versed in the rapidly emerging fields of applied mycology and soil biology.  Though it may be unbeknownst to many, we are currently living in a renaissance of knowledge for understanding the processes and interconnectivity of nature. What a great opportunity to learn from a hands-on expert about how we can leverage our emerging understanding of plants, fungi, microorganisms, nutrients, water and more to enhance the resiliency, fertility and productivity of our landscapes.


  • Childhood in Nature, Studying Ecology, Mycelium Running
  • Environmental Conditions Bioremediation Can Address
  • Unbounded Ability of Natural Organisms 
  • Benefits of Fungi to the Environment
  • Chemistry of Fungal Decomposition & Ligninolytic Enzymes
  • Interactions Between Fungi, Bacteria Virsuses and More in Soil
  • Technology in Applied Mycology
  • Contaminant Removal – Organic, Inorganic, Pathogens
  • Engineering & Implementing Bioremediation Projects
  • Real-World Examples of Bioremediation Projects
  • Geomycology & Biogeochemistry
  • Evolution of Environmental Institutions & Regulatory Frameworks
  • All groups of Fungi Can Break Down Contaminants?
  • Advice in Pursuing Bioremediation Projects


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  • This episode was amazing, and a field I am very interested in pursuing!
    The link you posted for Integrated Land Enhancement isn’t working. Do you have contact information for them? Thanks!


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