Ep. 106: Truffle Hunting, Raising a Truffle Dog & Managing Truffle Forests (feat. Melissa Waddingham)

Today on the Mushroom Hour Podcast we are graced by the presence of Melissa Waddingham founder of Truffle and Mushroom Hunter. As a professional truffle hunter, Melissa respectfully and sustainably searches for truffles with her trained canine companions. She has studied forestry and woodland management and exudes a passion for woodlands and their association with mushrooms and truffles. Her work has given her a reverence for the delicate truffle woodland ecology and its sustainability. It is a rare environment crucial for not only her beloved truffles, but also the well-being of trees in areas of poor nutrients. In pursuing this work, Melissa has created a mushroom and truffle foraging business where she does it all - training truffle hounds, leading truffle hunting courses, performing woodland surveys in search of truffle presence or potential and collaborating with landowners to nurture environments for truffle cultivation.   


  • Introduction to Fungi Through the Stomach  
  • Discovering Truffles  
  • Truffle Habitat - England vs Portugal  
  • Truffle Clues & Aromas  
  • Engaging the Senses  
  • Ecology & Life of Truffles  
  • Special Relationship with a Truffle Dog  
  • What Types of Dogs can Hunt Truffles?  
  • Traits of Good Truffle Dogs  
  • Training a Truffle Dog  
  • Learning the Language of Your Truffle Dog  
  • Advice for Beginning the Truffle Hunting Journey  
  • Surveying Forests for Truffles  
  • Truffle Cultivation Industry  


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