Ep. 105: Alchemi, Amycel & Monterey Mushrooms - Mushroom Medicine, Fungal Genetics & Agaricus Farming (feat. Amir Karian)

Today on Mushroom Hour we are joined by generational mushroom cultivator and medicinal mushroom alchemist Amir Karian. Amir grew up in a family of mushroom farmers who own and operate one of America’s largest mushroom farms in Monterey Mushrooms and one of the largest mushroom spawn production companies called Amycel. But Amir’s passion for mycology truly began when a journey of personal healing taught him first hand the power of medicinal mushrooms. He was compelled to share with others and being a part of a family of farmers was a blessing he couldn't overlook. He spent the next several years utilizing all of the experience and knowledge of mushroom farming that had been perfected over generations to research, develop, and grow the highest quality medicinal mushroom supplements - thus Alchemi Mushrooms was born. The driving ethos behind the Alchemi’s medicinal mushroom products is: "if it's not good enough to give to our families, we won't sell it." I’m excited to learn about mushroom cultivation, medicine and more from someone who has mushrooms encoded in their DNA   


  • Generational Mushroom Farmer Discovers Medicinal Mushrooms  
  • Decentralization & Consolidation in the Mushroom Industry  
  • Monterey Mushrooms & Amycel  
  • Breeding and Selecting Mushroom Genetics  
  • Mushroom Mutations  
  • Role of Large Agaricus Farms in Medicinal Mushroom Cultivation  
  • The Birth of Alchemi Mushrooms & Monterey Neutraceuticals  
  • Medicinal Benefits of Mushroom Mycelium & Fruit Bodies  
  • Medicinal Mushroom Unknown Unknowns  
  • Chitin & Polysaccharides in Mushroom Cell Walls  
  • Alchemi Mushrooms Product Line  
  • Cultivating Chaga  
  • Innovation and Growth of the Mushroom Cultivation Industry  
  • Advice for Mushroom Cultivators  


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